Saturday, 24 October 2009

Jewellery And Craft Fair

Come and see us at the ...

Stockport Town Hall Ballroom
Saturday 31st October 2009


Open to the public from 10am - 4pm
Car Park available for 50 pence per car

Snack bar available

The Ballroom within the Town Hall plays host to a fabulous Jewellery and Craft Fair with a large amount of stalls with exciting gifts. It's a perfect time to come along and browse the wide variety in preparation for Christmas. With items such as semi precious stones, cards, handmade jewellery, silver, fans, ceramic gifts, decorated goose eggs, rag dolls and much more.

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Vintage Flowers

How pretty are these lovely lampwork glass beads with their tiny little flowers and petals. Made into a vintage style bracelet using Bali Silver, Hill Tribe Silver and some toning Swarovski crystals. The green and turquoise shades remind me of Art Nouveau classic designs and an antique vase that my Gran had on her Welsh dresser.
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Willowpool Rainy Day

Just had to visit Willowpool today to get my weekly cappuccino fix. If you get the chance to visit you wont be disappointed. You will find Willowpool in Lymm, Cheshire and it is full of all sorts of interesting things from antiques to jewellery and from plants and shrubs to statues and gazebo's. They have a reclamation yard and adorable tea rooms. We usually sit outside in the thatched huts which are each complete with a patio heater. Even in the depths of winter, you will find us there. If you are in the area give it a try!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Our Blog Award

How lovely of Wendy at Sand and Sea Designs to send me this award. Can you imagine my surprise and delight to find this yesterday, my very first award. Now, I think I have to name five of my favourite things and pass on the award to other blogs I enjoy reading. Just way to many to choose from, but here I go.....

1. Venice (anyone who knows me would have guessed that).

2. The aroma of cinnamon, spice and oranges at Christmas.

3. Adorable Aidan, just too gorgeous for words to describe and one of the loveliest people I know.

4. Orange marmalade on hot buttered toast! Yummy

5. My whole family, every single one of them ! :-)

I would love to pass this award on to other blogs, all of which I check in to regularly to see what they are up to.
My awards go to the following blogs........

Lavender Cottage
Sun Rise Jewellery
Beads by Clare Scott

That was pretty tough actually because the list could just go on and on there are so many that i like. Enjoy ....
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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Joined Bracelet

How pretty is this bracelet and so dainty too. This is a specially commissioned piece for a new customer and is called 'Joined'. It is a wedding piece handmade to match Joined earrings and necklace which the same lady also has. I am sure she will look absolutely stunning on her very special day. Jo has designed this set exclusively for Just So Silver and has incorporated the joined rings in all three pieces to symbolise the marrage perfectly. She has used A grade rock crystal and freshwater pearls in her design. The beautiful ivory pearls were an exact match to the brides amazingly gorgeous dress. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Cool Fridge Magnets

I've just found these handmade colourful fridge magnets on one of my followers blogs. Zu is running a free give away of these magnets and will include a piece of her jewellery too! She also makes some beautiful polymer clay bead sets which remind me of strawberrys. Go and have a look but be quick as the draw is on Wednesday 5th August 2009 :-)

Friday, 31 July 2009

Oh Alright, I'll Make Some More Then!

Armed with my new found knowledge from my American Indian friend Tony, from Burslem, I set to work. I had bought some lampwork glass beads from Rob Johnson ages ago but couldn't think what to do with them at the time. Now with my holiday photos as inspiration, (older post), I knew exactly what to do with them. I let Rob's beads do the talking as they are so attractive with that turquoise flash so reminiscent of summer sky's and the pale sand colours of the beach. Not bad for my first attempt! I purchased these beads in several colourways but they didn't even have a chance to make it to the website and were snapped up! Oh well I'll just have to make another batch! It's all good practice and I need no excuse at all :-D

Monday, 22 June 2009

Rock On !

We visited the Rock and Gem/Gem and Bead Show in Staffordshire on 21st June and what a revelation that was. What an amazing variety of gemstones, ores and crystals there were and a wealth of information to go with them. I was on complete overload with many types of stones on display that I hadn't even heard of! Of course I was in my element and wanted everything I saw, a bit like a child in a sweetshop really. Some things I just couldn't resist purchasing particularly the unusual stuff and even when I got home I still kept taking the gemstones out of the bag to look at them again! Yes I have a hopeless case of the gem and bead bug which once you have contracted you have for life I'm afraid.
Continuing my quest to learn how to make my own jewellery, I met a stall holder at the show who kindly offered to give his time to teach me how to make earrings. He and his daughter were really helpful and let me use their tools and findings. I don't know what his name was but he looked like an American Indian with long hair and has a lapidiary shop in Burslem. He also invited me to his shop where he said he would teach me to make bracelets next time! What lovely people I meet on my travels.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sunsets on Cornwall

I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged but I will try to do better. In May we had our holiday in Cornwall at our usual fantastic location overlooking the sea. The views are spectacular and the photo opportunities are endless. We go as a large family group, ten in total, my family, my sisters family and our mum. I can understand how the local artisans obtain their inspiration as it is everywhere you look. From the turquoise sea to the deep blue of the sky and from the rock pools to the amazing sunsets. I had decided before the holiday that now was the time I would start to learn how to make my own jewellery. I still love the work of others as I think it gives variation of styles to the web shop but there is just something inside me that wants to create. I'll keep you posted on how I progress (baby steps of course)!
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Thursday, 2 April 2009

A Friend For Rosy Posy

This pretty commission piece is definitely one that I didn't want to part with. But Rosy Posy Bangle needed a friend, so I had to let her go. The main thing is that the lovely lady that ordered this gorgeous necklace was absolutely delighted with her :-)

Monday, 30 March 2009

Mellow Yellow

Not since the 70's when I wore high canary yellow platforms did I think we would all be wearing yellow again! But everything goes full circle and oh yes, it's back. Ok so not everyone looks as fantastic as Cheryl Cole in these summery hues, but we can all do our bit for fashion with a shade of yellow in our wardrobe. We can try an accent of yellow in our accessories too, like lemon quartz or citrine which look fab with black. There are also some bright funky sherbert lemon lampwork beads around, so if you are still in doubt, give it a shot. Wish I had kept my canary yellow platforms.......or perhaps not!!

Sheer Elegance

It is that time of year again when wedding events and bride shows are springing up everywhere ready for stunning summer celebrations. There are some superb designer dresses out there on the cat walks of which versions are already filtering into the shops. I noticed a change in some of the styles of designers Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Oscar De La Renta and Elie Saab with the emphasis being elegant floaty sheer fabrics in straight and long designs with fluid movement. Colours are also still in vogue too with dresses of all imaginable hues gracing the aisles and shops for brides and bridesmaids. The last wedding we had in our family, the Bride Ann, wore a stunning black wedding dress and looked amazing!
Bride photograph courtesy of Emma Bray,

Monday, 9 March 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

Pete and I had a nice walk in our local park on Sunday, it was wild and windy! The displays of early spring bulbs was so pretty we couldn't help but take a quick pic. It prompted us to think of Mother's Day which is on 22nd March and an appropriate image for the website.
We purchased a colourful sunflower bird feeder for the garden and filled it with nuts. Within no time at all we had gold finches, green finches and the resident squirrel family all tucking in!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Rosy Posy

What an apt name Rosy Posy is. This is a beautiful commissioned piece from one of my favourite designers :-) A gorgeous silver bangle with luscious faceted pink amethyst cubes, mystic pink quartz briolettes, pink amethyst rondelles, rose quartz rondelles and rice rose quartz briolettes. My client was delighted with it ! How much more feminine can you get ? Thanks Jo !!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Et voila!

I had several assorted gem chip bracelets that I bought ages ago that have been hanging around in my goodies box. I have been wondering what to do with them and thought I would send them to Beccy to see if she could find some inspiration and work some magic. Et voila! She came up with some lovely sets using a variety of silver, pearls and charms. Beccy used gorgeous iridescent blister pearls with the amethyst gem chips and has transformed what was a plain bracelet into a much more interesting piece. Thanks Beccy!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Just a small collage or collection of goodies to be found on the website. Some gorgeous examples of lampwork, Venetian and Murano handmade glass pieces. All finished with either hand forged silver, Bali silver or Karen Hill Tribe silver. I'm also loving the aqua obsidian natural volcanic glass pieces at the moment. You can read more information about obsidian glass on the website by clicking on the glass information or on the link of the write up on the piece.

Sign Of Spring !

From snow scenes to snow drops in the space of a few weeks! I was so happy to see my little garden jewels appear today. A sign that spring is just around the corner with more jewels to follow like daffodils and crocus. The blue tits are eyeing up the new bird box so hopefully they are going to take up residence very soon.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Scenes

We have yet more snow! I love the silence on a snowy night when everyone is warm inside their homes and no one in sight. When you can't resist just one more look outside. The scene is quite magical and there is a certain stillness in the air. Tonight was no exception. One more peep and I am wondering how deep it will be in the morning. It is the most snow we have had in eighteen years!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ancient Beaders

Wow! What a find. I spotted this in my local heritage magazine. It is a rare ancient amber spacer necklace dating from the Early Bronze Age (c. 2000 BC) and was found just outside my home town in an archaelogical dig. The necklace was apparently in a fragile state and is currently being restored. The incomplete necklace consists of over eighty different shaped beads and when restored will be re strung and put on public display. The pieces of amber date back 20 to 50 million years ago. I couldn't help thinking that this necklace would not look out of place today on my website. Our ancestors must also have been mad about jewellery like us!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Golden Syrup

This gorgeous recently commissioned bracelet is just beautiful. I have put it on the home page for instant impact! The name Golden Syrup fits perfectly with the yummy warm honeyed tones. When the light shines through the many faceted stones you can see why. I decided to have some creative fun with it by placing the image in a Gallery setting.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Amethyst - My Favourite Gemstone

Amethyst is one of my most favourite gemstones. This piece belongs to my sister and the regal purple shades in it are stunning. I love the natural facets which make it sparkle. I didn't want to give it back!
I have a commissioned set of jewellery being made for the website which includes gorgeous amethyst and blister pearls with Karen Hill Tribe Silver. I can't wait to see it.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Winter Wonderland

My husband Pete takes all the photo images of the jewellery for the website. He went out yesterday with his camera to capture some winter landscapes for his canvases. He managed to get some beautiful shots before the thaw. You can see more of Petes photographs on Flickr